Monday, April 7, 2008

Beyond Cappadocia

I have been worried about jinxing myself by talking about how lucky we've been with the weather, but we really have lucked out. The morning of our second outing started out bleak with rain and cold wind. But by the time we were done with breakfast the skies had cleared, and the weather was great all day until we reached our last site. But this spot was a long hike, and it was the end of the day, well past beer:thirty.

This morning started out even more cold and rainy, which was worrisome since we had decided to drive to our next destination. Hmm... Driving in the rain in Turkey. There are many things I would much rather do for sure. But we did luck out, and the weather cleared. Again.

So indeed, we did rent a car to drive across Turkey. Hat tip to our hosts at Esbelli Evi for pointing us to! As a gold member of Hertz, I was able to secure a deal for a car for a mere 800 Euro. But through economy cars in Turkey, we were able to score a brand new car for a whopping 72 Euro. Note to travelers, avoid the big car chains when in Turkey.

So yeah, I drove across Turkey today and lived to tell about it. We are now in Pammukale at a decent little pension hotel called Venus that we wouldn't have known about were it not for the persistence of someone who really insisted we come check this place out. Good thing we did. The place recommended to us wasn't all that great, and we just finished a great dinner, chatted with some other travelers, and are now enjoying Turkish TV before crashing out.

Details on the drive to follow.

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