Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last thoughts on Turkey

As I've written many times already, the people of Turkey are just wonderful. Every person we encountered was very kind, very hospitable, and seemed quite pleasant. We had been warned against driving in Turkey, but our experience was terrific. There are some things to get used to for sure, like drivers straddling or crossing over the lines, but that's easy enough to get used to. Driving across half of the country was a fantastic experience. It seemed like the geology changed every time we went over a hill or around a big corner. There were places we drove through that were nearly identical to the California central valley, and other parts that looked like the Swiss Alps, and yet other parts that were uniquely Turkey.

What we will miss about Turkey:

The people, their kindness, openness, and overall hospitality.

The food, especially the wonderfully delicious, garden-fresh produce, and yummy yogurt!

The rich culture and history.

Cappadocia, Esbelli Evi, the caves, etc.

Efes beer.

Tea, Turkish and apple, and Turkish coffee.


The flora and the fauna.

The ruins, especially Hieropolis.

What we will not miss about Turkey:

Bacon, or at least the lack of bacon, and other pork products.

Smoking, by everyone, everywhere.

The dogs. Most Turks - as I am sure of most Muslims - do not treat dogs very well at all. Heartbreaking.

Carpet sellers.

The pollution - the smog in the air and the trash on the ground (which is really no worse than in America).

The good far outweighs the bad! Turkey is a beautiful country. We can't wait to go back!

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