Monday, April 7, 2008

View from the road

Lake Eğirdir (EHR-deer), just outside Isparta, was very much like Lake Tahoe with turquoise water surrounded by snow capped mountains blanketed by puffy cotton clouds that begin far before the mountains end. Obviously, crap cell phone cameras can't do this site justice, but I suspect no camera can. This site was so breathtakingly beautiful, it hurt to look at it.

Other thoughts on driving through Turkey:
The geography and geology changed drastically over every hill or around every turn.

There were occasional areas that were hard to distinguish from the San Joaquin valley at times.

Driving a car in Turkey is easier than riding a scooter in Bangkok.

Gas is expensive - though still cheaper than SF, and Turkey could well benefit from smog controls (and a strong recycling program).

More to come.

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